30 Sep

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MONTREAL -- Benjamin is nine years old.

Benjamin has dyslexia and struggles with reading and writing.

"I mix up my words," he says via cards he holds in front of the camera in the style of Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" or Mark's (Andrew Lincoln) show of affection in Love Actually.

"I get very frustrated and upset too sometimes," the cards read.

Benjamin's story is no sad tale of disability, however, as he shows in the video just what he can do.

"Having dyslexia also means I can do something amazing," the cards continue.

The time-lapse video then shows him complete Rubik's-like cube after cube and place them on the floor in a colour pattern that eventually becomes a mosaic of professional wrestler John Cena, who voiced a PSA for a campaign in support of learning disorders such as dyslexia in 2017.

His mother Melanie Russo said he can copy patterns with amazing speed and finishes single sides of the cubes within about a second.

"When he did one side, that's when he figured out he can do it," said Russo, who is an elementary school teacher. She said not all children with dyslexia can perform the same feat or are masters of Rubik's Cubes, but her son's strong spacial intelligence gives him the ability to solve patterns quickly.

He finished the 750 cubes and created the mosaic in about five hours over a few weeks.

"Dyslexia is not my disability. Dyslexia is my SUPERPOWER," the final two cards read.

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